Talking With Aliens

Hosted by:

Sami, AJ Walker & Emma Renée

Hello//Human. Welcome to the club! This is an all-inclusive and safe space for cosmic communications enthusiasts. What is Procyon II you ask? Procyon II is a mix series collective, based out of Naarm (Earth). Procyon is proud to partner with Area3k to bring you: Talking With Aliens. Your hosts Sami & AJ Walker will interview Artists and talk/play all things (Cosmic) Electro; (Ethereal) House; (Celestial) Trance; (Spacey) Techno. We will feature local and international DJs, as we aim to Xconnect. Tune in every 1st Wednesday of the month 6-8pm, live from Area3k's studios.


Naarm & Procyon Star System