“110 BPM is Hot!”


Thoughts on deaccelerating the hardcore continuum via tempo rerouting and reimagined kinetics.

Ben UFO at Pitch Music & Arts 2023

Inner Varnika X: The Final Chapter?

Words by Luke Sevior & Photos by Tom Hvala (thomasjpg)

A testing last thump that gifted dancers immersed in the sound of the underground community.

Ben UFO at Pitch Music & Arts 2023

Liquor Licensing Freeze to end after 15 years: What could come next for local venues?

Sam Doyle

Victoria's 15 year long prohibition on issuing liquor licenses past 1am is finally set to end on 30 June. What changes, who benefits and what will it mean for the future?

Ben UFO at Pitch Music & Arts 2023

Set Mo discuss their new album, 'Flux'

Words by Sam Doyle

Sam from the A3K team gets a chance to talk with Set Mo about building their new album Flux in a single studio, championing the music they love and the pitfalls of live performance.

Ben UFO at Pitch Music & Arts 2023

Pitch Music & Arts 2023: Review

Words by Jack Rayner & photos by Antidote World Radio

From the line-up to the stage design, the logistical operation, and the systems in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all attendees, Pitch 2023 was a resounding success.

Ben UFO at Pitch Music & Arts 2023


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