Area 3000 is an online, community radio station broadcasting underground music and industry conversations to the world from Naarm/Melbourne. 

Born out of lockdown in 2020, while the future of live music and nightclubbing remained uncertain, Area 3000 spotlights emerging and established artists, helping to connect our local dance music scene to the wider community and lift each other up in the face of C-19.

Our aim is to provide a diverse, credible and accessible space for Australian-based DJs, producers, musicians and creatives to curate and share their unique stories.

In the near future we’ll invite you to our studio and a party for a dance. Until then, you can join us and listen live right here. 

To get involved, please email us at: hello@area3000.radio

We promise we don’t bite. 

Area 3000 acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are broadcasting from and pays our respects to their custodians, past, present and future. If you have the means, we also encourage you to make a contribution at PayTheRent.org.au

Our web design is by Laura Misuraca and web development is by Brayden Warburton.